Why create the Wisconsin Science Communication Network?

Let me ask…has one of these situations ever happened to you? You read in the newspaper a policymaker says, “There is no science to answer this issue” and you yell at the paper, “Yes, there is; I’ve got 100 references in my library.” You have incredible knowledge about a scientific subject, but it goes unrecognized because you have a quiet personality or maybe you are in the early part of your career – or maybe the topic is controversial and you are reluctant to speak out alone. You receive a phone call from someone in government or the media with a crucial scientific question and you can provide only a partial answer, but that gets interpreted by the caller as... Continue reading →

Help the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources prioritize surface water quality standards!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) is requesting public input on surface water quality standards.  As part of its Triennial Standards Review (TSR), the WDNR has released a list of 22 topics for ranking and comment by the public until August 7th, 2014.  Public feedback will be used to create a final list of priorities for the 2015-2017 period in compliance with the federal Clean Water Act. From the WDNR website: “This comprehensive evaluation, called the Triennial Standards Review (TSR), is an essential process to keep Wisconsin’s waters swimmable, fishable, drinkable and suitable for use by industry, agriculture and the citizens of the state. This review helps focus WDNR efforts to integrate the latest science and technology and federal... Continue reading →

Next Steps for WSCN

Seven months ago I phoned five people to help launch the Wisconsin Science Communication Network: an old friend (Ken Bradbury), a professional colleague (Charlie Peters) acquaintances (Ron Seely and Mike Fienen) and one person I had never met (Chandra Miller Fienen). All were called for skills I knew they could bring to the effort. Our first meeting was at the Great Dane Brew Pub in Madison. Ideas and enthusiasm quickly filled the air around our table until someone asked, “How do we get this started”, and I replied intelligently, “Uhh, I dunno, can’t we run this like a research project?” Thankfully, Chandra has experience leading start-ups and with the sagacity and Type A drive in my new friends around that... Continue reading →

Flyer from AWRA Recruitment

We put together this flyer with information about the WSCN for recruiting at the AWRA Wisconsin Section meeting in March. Click the button at the left for more information.

AWRA — Recruiting members

We had an exciting launch introducing members of the AWRA Wisconsin Section at their 38th annual meeting in the Wisconsin Dells to the WSCN. Thanks for all the support!

Recruiting at AWRA

We are enthusiastic to launch the Wisconsin Science Communication Network at the Wisconsin Section of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) annual meeting in Chula Vista, Wisconsin. Join the network, rock a sticker, and work with us to build a great network bridging science, the public, and policy. See you there!

Getting off the ground

The Wisconsin Science Communication Network is a non-partisan, statewide organization of professional scientists dedicated to helping the public, media and policy makers understand and use scientific information to arrive at sound public policy decisions. We are working together to build the network. Stay tuned to this site for new details soon!